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What is yours, is yours!Leader In Car Safety

Leader in automotive safety

Block Shaft s.r.l. is a leading company in the production of mechanical anti-theft devices for cars and safety devices for the protection of commercial vehicles. Founded in 1995, it is the first company in Italy to have patented a mechanical locking system applied to the steering column, driven by a key that can not be duplicated and certified according to EU regulations. The idea, perfected over the years thanks to the optimization of processes and cutting-edge technologies, has resulted in the creation of the Block Shaft® product, the most robust and safe mechanical anti-theft device for cars, a device that has already been commercialized in the South Italy, has drastically favored the reduction of car theft.

Following the acquisition of numerous certifications in line with European standards, today Block Shaft Group boasts a robotic industrial production managed by the most advanced information technologies, essential tools to keep pace with the innovations of new generation cars. Despite the unquestioned and undisputed effectiveness of the product, technological and production research continues thanks to the contribution of collaborators and employees involved in a common project: to free drivers from the nightmare of car thefts. Over 5,000 installers have chosen the reliability and safety that only Block Shaft Group can offer.

Range of Products

Block Shaft®

The Mechanical anti-theft device
For cars, the original

Gatelock Van®

The Van lock &
Van Security Solution


The “All in One”

Gatelock Shutters & Gates

Protect shop, home
and car garage

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